5 Potentially Embarassing Bands I Used to Love in High School

by: Joshua Isaacson

“Reminiscing via my iPod” is a game I like to play from time to time. However, over the years I have lost a majority of my music, as a car accident took all my CDs and an external hard drive crash took everything else. But I still try to find those oldies but goodies that remind me of high school — no matter how embarrassing they might be. With that in mind, here are the top 5 bands that I used to listen to in high school, who may or may not be cool these days. I give no fucks.

1. To start this countdown off right I present my first cool/uncool band: My Chemical Romance.

Yes, MCR was one of the bands I used to love in high school. In my eyes, their first two albums are still good. And if that makes me uncool, then I don’t wanna be cool. “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Your Love” had some really good tunes on it, and then they followed it up with “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” which brought us “I’m Not Okay I Promise” (which I still secretly love the shit out of to this day). However, after those two albums, I stopped caring and didn’t give a damn about “The Black Parade” or “Danger Days” or whatever. However, their first two albums were part of the soundtrack of my teen angst years.

2.  Saves The Day.

Now this one I am not really ashamed of admitting. I think that a lot of the “STD” albums have held up well over time. I still get down to “Stay What You Are” whenever I can, and who can help but have “At Your Funeral” stuck in their head for no apparent reason and with no warning at all. Anyone? I didn’t think so. I don’t even know if they are still making music but damn it, I would still go see these guys live again. Just for nostalgic purposes.

3)  I’m not exactly sure if this can be considered on this list but I’m gonna put The Used on here.

Personally, I still love everything that they have put out. I haven’t met a Used album that I don’t love and that I don’t still listen to today. They just released an album in March (Vulnerable) which I happen to love, and its the most played thing on my iPhone. Also, I still have a crush on the bassist Jeph Howard. Meeow.

4)  This wouldn’t be a proper list if it didn’t involve my dear Fall Out Boy.

I don’t really know what the word on the street is about these guys but I can almost guarantee no one thinks they’re cool anymore. Probably because I don’t think they’re even a band anymore. Let me start off by saying that “Take This To Your Grave” still has some really good ass songs on it. I can’t even lie. And I love Patrick Stump’s voice, and I am in full support of his solo career. I don’t really think that people love whiny emo pop-punk anymore. Except for this guy.

5)  Is Finch still cool? Or are they no longer around even?

Doesn’t really matter to me. I thought they were good in high school and I stick by that to this day. Their album “What It Is To Burn” has so many good songs that it’s not even funny.

So, that’s that. Those little gems from my past that are totally dorky to still listen to, but I do it anyways.

Joshua Isaacson is a Psychology major in Minneapolis who wants to research LGBT psychological development and the causes and affects of homophobia on the mind. Joshua is also a volunteer for the Trevor Project, a Diablo III addict, an avid reader, a big music junkie and loves some salty goodness.

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