Sweet and Sharp, Volume 3

by: The In Our Words Staff


Design from Collective Tarot

Welcome to this weeks edition of Sweet and Sharp, where we bring you links like cats bring you dead birds; but they’re really good dead bird-links, like about both important and fun things on the internet, generally regarding the LGBTQ community and feminism and fun things and oh god I lost that analogy anyways.  Here is Sweet and Sharp, enjoy.

Do you enjoy the mystical and ethereal, do you enjoy divination through tarot?  Of course you do, or at least you appreciate it, because you are people both open and loving.  Well check out Tarot With Jen, she is a badass reader in the Redwoods of California; if you live in Santa Cruz, contact her for a reading or if you want to learn more e-mail her.  Also, if you are not coastally located or near her, she updates with interesting information about her cards and her practice.  Her deck is lovely and made by Collective Tarot, a Portland based group of kinky/genderqueer/poly/differently-abled/multicultural and multiracial group.

It might be such a long shot, but Senator Michelle Obama?  Oh sweet holiness yes please, she has a higher approval rating than her husband!

Desmond Tutu writes to Ugandan members of Parliament to remember love is love and that God loves all.

A call for performance submissions for So Very Alive: Performing Feminist and Queer Utopias, Futures and Dreams, curated by local artist Amanda Stefanski.  Applications are due by January 28th, check out for more info.

In sweet sweet justice news, for a time the personal information of the hateful horde– Westboro Baptist Church– was blasted on the internet.  Thanks to Anonymous, lets hope to see more of it from you.

Comment below with any links you loved from your week.

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