Sweet and Sharp, Vol. 5

by: In Our Words Staff


Welcome back to Sweet and Sharp, a link round-up with an LGBTQ/feminist lean.  IOW staff trekked, strolled, rolled, trolled, and sauntered all over the internet for these, but understandably we didn’t find every important thing, so if you would like to add any links, put them in the comments below!

Let’s get started with some Chicago/Illinois updates, to help the vitriol of Cardinal Geroge’s (most recent) anti-gay statements, read this sweet analysis.   Also, a coalition of nuns are coming out against the Cardinal, and we all know if the nuns are against you, you cannot win.

Marco Rubio, being championed as a face of a more tactful and mindful GOP, pretty much shows he’s a dick, and doesn’t hate gay people– but hates sin (a well trod crap line).  

As the last bit of sad news, Texas is defunding healthcare facilities that provided for 48,000 women in the state.  But fret not, the law is being challenged.

In things that make Patrick Gill happy to be a former Northern Californian, The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is getting expanded.  Let the sea creatures rejoice!

This is a badass commercial of a mother rapping with her adorable children.

Equally adorable, Scott Norton– professional bowler– kissing his husband after winning a PBA title.  Is it more adorable because of bowling?  Yes, yes it is.  Also, the announcers correctly called him his husband or spouse through the entire broadcast apparently.

Young men in South Africa are challenging gender norms and working to stop violence against women/Intimate Partner Violence.  

And in Awesome Ally News-American edition, a group of people who love pizza also hate bigotry.

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