Poetry: Of Eyelashes and Unrest

by: Melanie Sue

This is a poem about your eyelashes.
I wasn’t sure if anyone had told you about them before.
It’s about the black crossbows
Statuesque and stretching out above your irises
Like gargoyles on a Gothic church.

It’s about the secrets they told
In Morse code brushes against my cheeks
And the way I’d find them on my pillowcases
Or in the pits underneath your eyes,
Waiting to be turned into your darkest dreams.
You can’t tell me what they are or they won’t come true.

I remember the way your skin burned my fingers
When I stole a fallen eyelash off your face.
It was smaller than the arch of my fingernail
But I’ve never been the same.

This is a poem about your eyelashes
And how the weight of one brought down
An entire avalanche upon me
And how I should have listened when everyone said,
“Look but never touch.”

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2 responses to “Poetry: Of Eyelashes and Unrest

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